When homeowners’ asphalt shingle roofs get old and start to blow off, they have a few options. They can tear off the old shingle roofs and pay to have them hauled to the landfill — an expensive proposition — and then install a brand new shingle roof. While that is a common tradition, it is quickly becoming outdated by the advancement of modern roof coatings.

Roof coatings are generally less expensive than traditional shingles and are certainly much cooler in the hot Hawaiian sun. Furthermore, they won’t blow off in the winds as they grow old and the asphalt dries out and cracks in the sun. Because they are installed with a thick, rubber-like coating that covers up all the shingle laps, they are impervious to wind. In fact, once homeowners coat their roof, they never have to tear off their roofs ever again. They simply just maintain their roof coating over time with a simple topcoat.


How often do you have to do that? That depends on the type of coating. Silicone coatings do not chalk or “sacrifice” in the sun. They retain their original thickness for up to 50 years. Silicone is a remarkably stable material. That’s why the Cool Roof Store’s HD-50 Silicone brand will offer a 50 year material warranty if applied correctly. It comes in limited colors, including white, beige or light gray.

However, new long-lasting acrylic based coatings like NXT Cool Coat are strong contenders in the marketplace as well. Because they are based on the latest nanotechnology used in UV reflective coatings, they are simply cooler — and last longer — than traditional acrylic roof paints. This allows the homeowner to choose from a wide range of colors, ranging from lighter pastels to deep rich colors, while still lowering their interior temperatures. This makes the home much more pleasant in hot areas. Furthermore, they have a 12-year warranty against premature fading, cracking and peeling.

NXT Cool Coat topcoat is a hard shell coating that tends to stay cleaner longer than traditional asphalt shingles. The rough granular surface on the asphalt shingles is a magnet for dirt and black mold, which is why they tend to become dark, dingy and hot within just a few shor years if left uncoated. The NXT, by comparison, has a very slick reflective finish that self cleans.


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