The Carpet Outlet has many different types of flooring to offer homeowners for their remodel or new construction project. The company carries all the major brands of carpet, ceramic, laminate, wood and waterproof flooring. The most popular and best selling is waterproof flooring planks.

The Carpet Outlet carries two of the top-selling brands in Hawaii, Metrofl or Genesis and Paradigm. The unique feature of these two brands is that the manufacturer has created patterns made just for island taste and lifestyle. All of the patterns have local names and the colors and wood designs fit well with current design trends and fashion.


You can find a pattern and color that will fit well for use in a beach home, plantation cottage or one of the many new condominiums being built. The planks can come in various widths, lengths and textures. There are even stone and ceramic patterns available. There are different price points to meet your budget and some of them can be used in a commercial application.

The Carpet Outlet has very competitive pricing to offer you because the company is part of a national buying group chain and is able to pass this savings onto customers. The company also gets discounts from manufacturers and distributors because of high volume purchases.

The popularity of waterproof flooring is that it will not be damaged by spills, leaks or pet accidents. It can be used anywhere in the home, including bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas. The floor is easy to maintain and no polishing is required. Just sweep, vacuum or damp mop with a neutral cleaner.


Visit The Carpet Outlet showroom to see samples of the top two brands of waterproof flooring, Metro-flor Genesis and Paradigm. A knowledgeable and experienced salesperson will be there to help you.

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