In 2008, Hawaii Energy Connection turned up the heat on Hawaii’s solar industry with its simple yet innovative solar solution called the “KumuKit™.” Today, the company has a solid reputation as one of the leading residential and commercial solar contractors in Hawaii with more than 9,000 systems installed, while striving to bring energy-efficient resources to our local community by making solar systems affordable and approachable for homeowners, non-profit organizations, schools, businesses and buildings.

The folks at Hawaii Energy Connection handle every facet of your solar project from inception to interconnection, providing the latest proven technological solutions.


There’s great news for Hawaii homeowners who were the early adopters of solar under the Net Energy Metering (NEM) program years ago, and perhaps due to lifestyle changes since then, are in need of more panels or capacity. Just a few weeks ago, the Public Utilities Commission approved the newest of solar programs in Hawaii called NEM Plus (NEM+), which will allow you to add more panels and energy storage to any existing NEM-approved PV system without voiding your NEM agreement with the utility.

Whether you own a KumuKit™ or not, compliance is achieved due to the company’s agnostic Energy Management Controller (EMC) technology. This is a great advantage for homeowners who are unable to locate their original solar contractor or have since gone out of business. Also, you are currently eligible for up to 65 percent in additional tax credits until the end of next year, before the federal credits begins its annual decrease thereafter. Hawaii state solar tax credits remain at 35 percent, until further notice, but nevertheless you may want to capitalize on these credits soon to avoid the mad rush of installations next year.

However, don’t despair if you didn’t get your solar system under NEM. The next best recommended program currently available is the Customer Grid Supply Plus (CGS+). Why? Because it is the only program where you can still be compensated by the utility for any extra energy you generate with your solar system that you send back to the grid. Unfortunately, not all solar contractors can offer the CGS+ program to you, due to limitations on their equipment and/or technological capabilities that prevent the implementation of certain utility requirements and safety concerns, but with the company’s EMC technology, Hawaii Energy Connection can offer this program as well.


Hawaii Energy Connection introduced the latest in solar hot water system into the market, harnessing energy using regular PV panels, transfers power to the specially designed micro-grid tank to heat water, and uses utility power only as a system backup. Again, with up to 65 percent in combined state and federal tax credits, you can really save on your hot water system purchase price.

Get the intelligent system that will provide you benefits now, adapting to your changing needs, unpredictable utility policies and upcoming demand response benefit programs — essentially future-proofing energy usage in your home or business. All

KumuKit™ solar PV systems come with batteries included, along with the smart, user-friendly EMC that you control with your personal dashboard on your smart phone, tablet or computer, no matter where you are.


Looking out for the homeowners who are considering solar, Hawaii Energy Connection insists that you compare and ask the right questions before you make your decision. After all, it is an investment in your family’s future and you will want to assure maximum energy and system savings.

With experienced, highly-trained experts, integrated financing, and tech savvy solutions, the company’s mission is to design a customized solution with “good, better and best” options that balance the cost of your system and the amount of savings you’ll enjoy.

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