The Cool Roof Store is proud to introduce ThePerfectSpace™ — an affordable, portable and expandable structure that can be assembled by two handy people in just a few days. Whether it’s floods, fires, lava, or just that your lease has expired, you can unbolt and collapse the entire structure and drive it away in a pickup, dodging a disaster.

ThePerfectSpace (TPS) is made to withstand the toughest conditions needed in disaster relief areas. The walls are made out of special high-pressure laminated panels that are bolted to a tough T-6 structural aluminum alloy frame with stainless steels bolts.

TPS is made to last more than 30 years with minimal maintenance. It’s waterproof, termite-proof and rustproof when assembled as directed.


Whether it’s being used as a secure storage area or as disaster relief housing, TPS is built to provide safety in survival conditions.

It’s really quite amazing how it works — because it’s so simple. The Basic DIY kit is 10-by-12 feet with a spacious 13-foot-high ceiling — perfect for creating an optional second story loft area that can sleep up to four adults if needed. Or, the loft can be turned into a secure storage area with an additional 104 square feet of usable space. You want a bigger space? No problem. ThePerfectSpace can quickly be unbolted and expanded to make a much larger structure.

No black mold, bugs or bacteria can hide and grow inside the walls because it is single wall construction with a hard plastic laminate surface (similar to Formica) that is easily cleaned. Often in disaster relief or emergency housing situations, there is a need to quickly remove mud, blood, bedbugs, feces and pathogens that can affect residents. The-PerfectSpace is waterproof so that it can be fumigated and pressure cleaned with a sprayer — making it spotless and hygienic in minutes.

If ThePerfectSpace were to get flooded by an overflowing stream it would not damage the structure if the inside is properly waterproofed as recommended. Because of the laminated panels, aluminum and stainless framing are impervious to moisture without fear of rust, mold or pathogens — TPS can quickly be cleaned and dried out.


Basic DIY kits start at only $12,850 plus tax for the 10-by-12 foot kit — which includes everything you need to make a secure storage structure. That kit includes the floor, wall and roof panels — as well the aluminum framework, bolts, two secure double paned windows and a fiberglass door.

If you need someone to assemble it for you, the Cool Roof Store is offering an incredible introductory special until the end of this year. For only $950, the company will assemble the Basic DIY unit on your Oahu level lot, in addition to waterproofing and painting the exterior with special NXT heat reflecting paint. This does not include any lot leveling or foundational work which might be needed on uneven lots. Call Cool Roof Store for any other conditions or exclusions that may apply.

If you want to see this amazing structure in person, call the Cool Roof Store at 591-1905. You must make a reservation for a showing.

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