For more than 49 years Homeowners Design Center has been offering a full range of interior design products and services. The company works with local homeowners, designers, contractors and architects to make Hawaii’s homes look their best, whether it is a remodel or a new construction project. One of the areas of the company’s expertise is in flooring products.

The most recent trend has been the use of waterproof vinyl plank and tile flooring. Homeowners Design Center (License C-6122) carries the top brands available in the marketplace, but the most popular ones customers ask for and buy are Genesis and Paradigm. The sales staff have an easy time selling both lines because there are more than a hundred patterns to select from and different price points to fit one’s budget. There is also an Island Collection pattern line in both brands that satisfies the local island taste. All of these patterns are stocked in Hawaii and can be installed as soon as your project is ready.


Many homeowners are using the vinyl plank throughout the house in place of carpet. This product is very durable and easy to care for and clean. The most important feature of this type of flooring is its waterproof warranty. Unlike real wood or laminate, this floor will not damage due to liquid spills or pet accidents. You can even damp mop if needed. This is ideal for use in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

These floors have a protective wear layer that will resist normal household staining, scuffing and abrasion. Nail polish or permanent ink markers will not leave a permanent stain. There is a 20-year or a Lifetime Warranty which guarantees that your floor will not wear out from normal household traffic.

The Genesis brand provides a mold and mildew treatment called Ultra Fresh that is in the wear layer and underlayment padding. This helps to inhibit the growth of surface mold and mildew and eliminates odors associated with it. The treatment on the underlayment discourages the growth of hidden mold beneath the floor.


In addition to flooring, Homeowners Design Center sells window treatments, appliances, cabinets and counter tops. The company’s friendly design staff can help you coordinate all of these products into your next home remodel or new construction project. Installation services are available. Visit the showroom to see samples of the top brands of Waterproof Vinyl Flooring – Genesis and Paradigm.

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