Changing households can be a time for new beginnings, fresh perspectives and boundless opportunities.

But those good things tend to come after the moving process itself, which can take a lot of planning, organizing and old-fashioned elbow grease. And many people start the process unprepared.

Fortunately, the experts at Penske Truck Rental have some great advice for orchestrating a move that won’t waste your time or money. Consider the following suggestions.


• When possible, create a timeline for your move weeks or months ahead, detailing the resources, time and labor you’ll need. Establishing a written plan will save you from hurry and indecision and help ensure you’ve thought through every stage.

• Reserve your rental truck at least two weeks ahead, choosing the size that corresponds to the number of rooms in your home. For the greenest choice, pick an environmentally conscious company like Penske that ensures up-to-date emission-control technologies, optimal tire inflation, recycled packing materials and fuel-efficient diesel engines.

• Think about renting or borrowing helpful moving equipment such as dollies or furniture sliders. Such tools can reduce your risk of injury as you load and unload your bulkiest belongings.

• Recycle (and save on transport costs) by minimizing your unwanted belongings through garage sales, online sales, donations or giveaways to friends. These days, many services come directly to your house to whisk away your unwanted items. Find approved electronics recycling centers through the EPA.