Here’s some great news for Hawaii homeowners who were the early adopters of solar under the Net Energy Metering (NEM) program from the beginning of the solar boom several years ago — there’s a new solar program recently introduced by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission called NEM Plus (NEM+), which will allow you to add more PV capacity to your existing system without voiding your NEM agreement with the utility.

Hawaii Energy Connection (HEC), the locally-owned and nationally-recognized company for its solar electricity and solar hot water systems, turned up the heat on Hawaii’s solar industry in 2008 with its simple and innovative solar solution called the “KumuKit™.” Still here today, with more than 9,000 KumuKit™ PV systems installed, the company has a solid reputation as one of the leading residential and commercial solar contractors in Hawaii.


For homeowners considering a solar system and have been following Hawaii’s solar programs, Customer Grid Supply Plus (CGS+) is the only program out there where you can still be compensated by the utility for any export of energy you generate with your solar system that you send back to the grid.

Unfortunately, not all solar contractors can offer the CGS+ or NEM+ programs due to limitations on their equipment and/or technological capabilities that prevent the implementation of cer tain requirements and safety concerns.

This company is an industry leader with its proprietary smart energy management technology, along with top-tier and highly sought-after ultra-efficiency panels, micro-inverters, and its exclusive, highly innovative Energy Management Controller (EMC).


The technology was developed right here in Hawaii, and it offers sophistication unlike any other technology in the market today. And, because it is brand agnostic, the technology can be added on to any existing PV system, even if you don’t own a KumuKit™. Why not offset more of your home energy costs at full retail rates and generate additional solar power during the day and use it at night, instead of pulling electricity from the utility?

Other advantages include energy security and self-sufficiency, providing you an alternative power supply during a power-outage, and up to 65 percent in additional tax credits.

Just a reminder, the federal tax credits (ITC) on your solar system purchase decrease to 26 percent from 30 percent at the end of next year. Hawaii state solar tax credits remain at 35 percent until further notice, so if you want to get your solar system installed this year to avoid the mad rush next year and to capitalize on the maximum tax credits, you may want to act soon.


Get the intelligent system that will provide you benefits now, adapting to your changing needs, unpredictable utility policies and upcoming demand response benefit programs — essentially future-proofing energy usage in your home or business. All KumuKit™ solar PV systems now come with batteries included, along with the smar user-friendly EMC that you control with your personal dashboard on your smar phone, tablet or computer, no matter where you are.

Looking out for the homeowners who are considering solar, Hawaii Energy Connection insists that you compare and ask the right questions before you make your decision. After all, it is an investment in your family’s future and you will want to assure maximum energy and system savings.

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