With its gentle tradewinds, mild temperatures and sunny skies, much has been written about Hawaii’s idyllic climate. Unfortunately for homeowners in modern homes, Hawaii leads the nation in energy costs and these days, the heat seems to linger well into fall.

“My Dad cut a hole in the wall of his attic to try to draw heat out of the living room with a box fan,” said Lani Abrigana of Ewa Beach. “Dad was always a tinkerer, unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough and didn’t end up working.” Fortunately, Abrigana is one of hundreds of homeowners who have benefitted by installing an alternative cooling system, the QuietCool whole house fan.

Unseen from the outside of the home, the whole house fan quietly draws hot air out of the living space through a ceiling intake, while cooling both the home’s living space and attic at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning systems, while enabling the homeowner to keep their windows open.


Abrigana’s whole house fan system is comprised of four bedroom units in her home. “I was at work when it was installed, but when I stepped into the home afterwards I noticed an immediate difference in temperature,” said Abrigana. “Our area is hot during the day, but the reflective insulation kept the heat out of the home until the air cooled down. When the whole house fans were switched on, I had a cool breeze being drawn into the bedrooms from the fairways behind my home. My system has worked so well!”

Darren Shibuya made the decision to be proactive and install a system in the off-season.

“I live in a very hot area of Kaimuki, and we chose to install whole house fans a few years ago. Since then, we were able to cut down our use of A/C to just the hottest days of summer,” Shibuya stated. “I love my A/C on hot days, but QuietCool keeps my house cool by themselves most of the year. Besides just cooling the house, it circulates the air while it is on, and I feel it has helped my allergies to dust.”

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