Your relatives have called to say, “Yes, we are coming to Hawaii to visit you for the holidays!”

This might be a wake-up call that your house is not guest ready.

Take a deep breath. Designer For A Day has a solution to get your home ready for your holiday guests. Whether it is a kitchen and bath renovation or selecting new furnishings, flooring or window treatments, now is the time to start planning.


The main tip, before starting work on your house, is to declutter. Begin at the entry and walk through your house to see what others see.

Having a master plan in place will help you to prioritize your projects and budget for them.

Some tips on prepping your house

Add a seasonal decoration right at the entry, and carry through to all the rooms. Focus on the bathroom, guest room and kitchen. Add some holiday touches to your table and display areas. Keep it simple.

If your guests are staying overnight, give the guest room a hospitality make-over. Think of the nicest hotel you’ve visited and what niceties you liked best. Fresh flowers, fluffy towels, bath toiletries, candles, a tray or bowl for your guests’ keys and accessories.


Small touches like bottles of water on the nightstand, a note with the Wi-Fi password, tissues, snacks and sweets add a warm touch.

If you are hosting families with children, remove your fragile belongings so there are no accidents. You can help the kids feel welcome by getting some age-appropriate toys and books.

Designer For A Day’s two-hour, in-home consultation provides design recommendations and the resources of a professional, award-winning designer.

Schedule your consultation today to begin your project.


Designer For A Day is offering a fall exclusive – a special holiday gift for new clients valid until Oct. 31.

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