Kai Ridge Hawaii is a locally owned and fully licensed general contractor specializing in home remodel and design-build. As one of Oahu’s top design-build construction firms, the company is proud of its quality, excellent customer service, functionality and return on investment.

Kai Ridge Hawaii has built many homes and renovated many houses on the island of Oahu. The company is trustworthy and reliable and has the qualified and experienced project managers and field team to work with clients.

The company also offers construction expertise along with design. With the company’s entire package of help, clients are able to have a home that fits their needs and expectations. Building/renovating a home is an exciting journey and Kai Ridge Hawaii’s experienced skilled team will be with you and guide you every step of the way.

Through an existing client’s referral, Kai Ridge Hawaii met a young couple who asked the company to help with their house’s major renovation. With Kai Ridge Hawaii’s building expert, the company can provide the most functional and aesthetic interior plan to the customer, while also taking into consideration the feasibility of structural alterations.


By working closely with the client and knowing what their needs are, Kai Ridge Hawaii redesigned the living and dining area by relocating the kitchen, and opening up the living room space. The company installed recessed bright white daylight LED lighting throughout the kitchen and living room area, and added crown molding to give a sophisticated feel to the entire house.

Kai Ridge Hawaii selected top-rated and contemporary style kitchen cabinets. The company customized cabinets by adding self-closing doors, additional shelves, etc. to increase the functionality of the kitchen space. Kai Ridge Hawaii recommended an island and installed a beautiful countertop over the island cabinets. In order to increase the space of the living room without structural change, the company opened a wall to allow natural light to come into the living room. By installing matching flooring in the living room, the kitchen and living room are well matched together.

Kai Ridge Hawaii recommended the concept of simplicity in the bathroom design, by taking out the bathtub and adding a shower stall to enlarge the bathroom space. The company also installed a stylish frameless glass partition for the shower stall, as well as tiles for the interior. The vanity is a light color based with a darker countertop to give an accent to the bathroom. Recessed lighting in the bathroom brings a warm feeling to the homeowner. The homeowner loves this project without any doubt, and they are so happy with their house’s new look. They told Kai Ridge Hawaii that they want to come home earlier and are always in a good mood.

Kai Ridge Hawaii’s first commitment is to quality. The company’s personnel put in that extra effort.

Second, Kai Ridge Hawaii is committed to cost saving. This means the company’s management and purchasing departments put extra effort into buying quality and cost saving materials, to be budget savvy.


Third, the company is committed to excellent service. This translates into working closely with clients and maintaining adequate communication.

As a general contractor here in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kai Ridge Hawaii is 100 percent bonded and licensed in each engineering/construction field, and builds collaboratively with trade subcontractors to improve efficiency and speed in any building construction project.

The company’s licensure and insurance protects you and your home from unforeseen events. More than 70 percent of the company’s existing business is from repeat or referral clients. Kai Ridge Hawaii’s residential portfolio includes luxury renovation in the Waialae Iki residential area, contemporary renovation to a rental residential complex in the heart of Kapiolani Boulevard, room additions, kitchen and bathroom remodels, major renovations within houses and outdoor living spaces, and new builds in various locations on Oahu.

The company’s commercial portfolio includes a medical facility, retail stores at a premier shopping mall, a boutique store, restaurant, multi-unit residential, commercial storage, office and tenant improvement.

Check the company’s website at kairidgehawaii.com or like Kai Ridge Hawaii on Facebook, facebook.com/kairidgehawaii.


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ADDRESS 1888 Kalakaua Ave., C312
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