Among the reasons many consumers do background research is to figure out where to set the bar. While online customer reviews are a common source, they are not always enough to solidify a decision. Sometimes an extra push of assurance is needed to ensure a specific company is the right choice to go with.

Windows Hawaii, the islands’ premier distributor for top-notch windows and doors, sidings and coverings, has just what customers are looking for, setting the company apart from the rest. In addition to superior products, Windows Hawaii makes it a top priority to make certain all of its window installations are carried out in accordance to American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standards.

AAMA ensures companies are sticking to industrial standards that overall benefit the satisfaction and safety of consumers. As part of Windows Hawaii’s commitment to island residents, the company employs the only AAMA Installation Masters certified installer on Oahu. This solidifies Windows Hawaii as a prime choice for its dedication to attain the highest caliber within the industry.


“They have standards and practices in regards to the manufacturing and installation of the windows,” shared Windows Hawaii production manager and AAMA Installation Master Kurt Malley. “They’re proven, recommended methods. Their standards are like a how-to for the best way to install windows. All of our window installations are done in accordance to those AAMA standards. At Windows Hawaii, we use those standards exclusively; we don’t stray away from them at all.”

It’s almost comparable to attending or sending your children to an unaccredited school; you wouldn’t want to waste your time or money doing such a thing, so why do that to your home which houses and protects you and your family? It’s vital to know what you deserve, set the bar and stick with it.

General manager of Windows Hawaii Mario Garcia mentions that customers can rest easy and assuredly knowing their Windows Hawaii products will be installed the right way every time, especially in part to Malley’s exclusive certifi cations. “You won’t fi nd this level of quality at any other company on the island,” said Garcia.

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