If you’re like most homeowners, there’s probably a project or two around the house you’ve been thinking about tackling for a while.

Perhaps it’s finally time to start working on an ohana apartment, or to turn Junior’s room into a craft studio (now that Junior’s married with a baby on the way!) Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of creating your own spectacular workshop in the garage?


Whatever your home improvement fantasies might entail, you can pick up the cabinetry you need for practically any project at Rui Building Supply in Honolulu. And those cabinets will be substantially cheaper than just about anything you’d find at a big home improvement store — and built to last, with solid, quality wood.

A sweet little kitchenette and bathroom for Mom and Dad? You can count on consistently high quality at Rui. “Simply put, we rely on referrals for our business, which includes both a construction company and a building supply showroom,” said Jon Xie, who manages the showroom. “Clients often use our cabinets and hardware in the houses we build for them. It’s all good quality, so we always have customers coming back.”

A craft studio for your wife (or yourself)? Thanks to Rui, you can build something beautiful without breaking the bank. “Our cabinets are solid wood, the top brands in China, and many are oak in a variety of stains,” said Xie. “Some are available for just $30-$40. There’s nothing wrong with them; we’re simply getting rid of stock.”


How about that garage workshop? Rui has all the materials you need to properly organize your nuts, bolts and tools! “If our clients want storage space in their garages, they can pick up a few cabinets, mount them on the walls, and clean everything up!” said Xie. “We have cabinets, counter-tops, vanities, faucets, sinks, tile, flooring, even lighting.”

It would be difficult to find this kind of superb quality at similar prices anywhere on Oahu. The Xie family, owners of the company, provides both top-grade building supplies and construction services at extremely reasonable rates.

Rui Construction specializes in two-story family dwellings, often building from the ground up. “We have a crew of professionals, all specialists in their trades,” said Xie. “Generally it only takes six to eight months, depending on house size.


“The company almost always has a waitlist. That really shows that our worksmanship, and the way we build houses, is exceptional.”

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