If you love spending time in your yard, then Hawaii is definitely the place to be with its ideal year round weather.

However, that’s not to say Hawaii doesn’t get its rainy season, or cold spells. Get a head start on the rough weather and use the time now to complete a project that will enhance your yard. Whether you’ve been wanting a patio, a zen garden or just some new flower beds, fall weekends are an ideal time to make it happen!


With the help of rental equipment, you can get these jobs done in a fraction of the time and with much less of an investment than purchasing expensive tools yourself. Here are five weekend projects you can complete this fall.

Zen garden

Building a free-standing, minimalist zen garden is a simple but powerfully effective way to add beauty and texture to a lawn or patio. To get a head start in the fall, plan where you’d like to set that rectangle of tranquility in your yard. Once that’s measured and marked off, you can rent a sod cutter to almost effortlessly remove the grass. The foundation of your zen space will be ready and waiting for you to add plants, shrubs, gravel, lanterns and maybe a statue or two.


This fall, choose a sunny spot in your yard to build your pond, and then rent a tool, like a mini-excavator, to move the dirt and even carve out the terraces. When that job is done, you’ll have plenty of time to get the bulk of the project ready, such as adding your sand layer, the waterproof liner and installing the pump. Finally, arrange the rocks to create a beautiful and natural-looking perimeter that’s waiting for the addition of water and plants.

Patio and pergola


When you compare a paver-brick patio with a traditional wood deck, the advantages of the patio are very evident. Patios are easy for do-it-yourselfers to complete in a weekend or two, they’re less expensive to build and they’re easier to maintain and repair. You also can add a pergola to create a beautiful space for outdoor dining and entertaining. With the help of a rented post hole digger, you can have the posts in place.

Flower beds

Flower beds add beauty to your yard, but they can accomplish so much more. Wide beds along property lines can create a privacy buffer between you and the rest of the world and increase the curb appeal of your home. The good news is, if you decide you want the bed to be bigger, you can just rent a walk-behind skid steer and get the job done quickly.

Whether you add to an existing patio or start new, renting a cement mixer and a paver saw for custom-fitted pieces can help you create a functional new feature.


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