It’s hurricane season in Hawaii again, but most kamaaina have forgotten that it has been about 25 years since the state’s last brutal hurricane, and 10 years before that there was another one. What does this mean to island residents? It means that a hurricane is way overdue, meaning it may well happen this year.

Of course, everybody hopes that will not be the case, but it is best to be prepared. After living in Hawaii through two severe hurricanes, Matthew Houar, a contractor and the owner of Tropical Wholesale and Tropical Windows & Siding, has a few suggestions to help you be prepared:

• Have a great roof. Not just a good roof, but a great roof. He says this because if you have ever seen a home lose a roof, it is pretty much done. Not just the home, but also all of your family’s memories and things we all take for granted every day — the non-replaceable items. Roofing is key because after every big hurricane, it can rain, sometimes for days, causing even more damage. If the roof is gone, all will be lost.

• Have great windows. Not just good windows, but great windows. This is because jalousie windows aren’t going to protect your home. When the 150 mph hurricane winds come, everything will be flying around. Only great, impact-resistant windows can make the difference. Stop the flying missiles that are created by the storm with Tropical’s impact-resistant windows that will protect your home.

• Keep food and water, and stay inside. “Yes, these are the basics, but most people take their safety for granted,” said Houar. “Take this seriously because after seeing two bad hurricanes, I have been ready ever since.” He stores food and water, and has a generator, plus the greatest windows and roofing available.

• Most importantly, call the professionals at Tropical at 593-2000 to help provide your home with a great roof — “storm protector” — and the best impact resistant— “storm buster” — windows.

Tropical has the finest and most durable products available. Before the storm, call Tropical to help you protect your home, give you sound advice and provide you with the best products to fight hurricanes and protect your past and future home memories.

Stop by the showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St. for a free estimate and advisement. The showroom is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. And, of course, remember to “buy local.”

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