By Dave Marshall

Solar panels usually sit on rooftops, angled to catch maximum sunlight. When sunlight hits a panel, it seeps into the solar cells to generate power.

The more light received, the more power generated.

But solar panels are often out of sight — and out of mind.

The result? Buildup of muck like dirt, road grime, dust and even bird droppings. And, according to various studies, dirty solar panels can reduce efficiency output by 20-50 percent and raise energy costs.


This means that Musk’s ambitious project won’t work without clean solar panels.

Why clean solar panels?

They increase solar efficiency and reduce costs. In fact, for farms and commercial sites, clean panels can raise solar efficiency as much as 35 percent; for residential, it can be up to 25 percent. Many people think that simple tap water or rain-water is enough.

Yet, because of Hawaii’s climate, this “hard” water is mineral-laden, which can build up on the surface of a solar panel as much as dirt or grime.

By investing in solar panel maintenance, Hawaii solar panel owners can keep their panels clean to increase efficiency and lower costs.

For clean solar panels, trust the professionals

Cleaning solar panels is not a simple DIY project, though.


First, it’s risky for owners to do it themselves. Walking on a roof can result in slips or falls.

There’s also the danger of electrocution due to exposed wires from faulty installation, water damage, or cracks in the panels because of errant golf balls or flying rocks.

Second, only a professional like the ones at Clean Solar Panels Hawaii knows how to use pure, mineraland chemical-free water from a water filtration system specifically designed to clean solar panels.

That’s why it’s important to trust the professionals at Clean Solar Panels Hawaii.

They provide cleaning services that enhance solar panel performance and save energy costs.


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