Most of the window tinting technologies available in Hawaii since 1982 were first brought in or introduced to Hawaii by T&T Tinting Specialists Inc. Whether it’s the old “Titanium” tint of the ’80s, original Glass Graphics, Dual Reflective Films, the incredible AIR 80 Windshield Heat Blocker, new Ceramic Films, money-saving Graffi ti-Shield and so many other “green” products that are so good for our planet Earth. But, what you are about to read about is the most amazing technology you’ll ever learn about in the home remodeling section of this newspaper.

Introducing “Tesla Glass,” Hawaii’s first “Privacy on Demand” window film that was actually created in Hawaii! This film can be applied to any fixed pane window surface to provide voice-activated privacy with the simple voice commands: “Turn view on” and “Turn view off.”


That’s right. This film is designed to be super user-friendly and is voice-activated. It’s the latest ground-breaking film technology perfect for adding privacy on demand in bathrooms, offices, conference rooms and more — anywhere both view and privacy are desired at different times.

The Tesla Glass film is customizable to any size window up to 60-inches wide, provides fast privacy and blocks over 98 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. And, that’s all whether your window is in “view on” or “view off” mode. With Tesla Glass, you won’t need outdated blinds or curtains, which means no more dusting and costly maintenance! Tesla Glass can be more affordable than some custom motorized blinds as well. And once again no more dusting!

So, imagine you have Tesla Glass on your large living room windows. You love your view! But when you’re not home, for security reasons, you don’t want people to be able to see inside. As you reach for the car keys and head out to the garage you simply say, “Turn view off.” The clear view through your windows fade into an elegant white frost where people can’t see through, and shades your interior. If you’d like, you can set your Tesla Glass to turn on and off with a timer or even control it with an app on your smartphone too. Imagine that — controlling your “smart film” with your smart phone!


T&T Tinting can even layer its glass graphics using the Tesla Glass film as the overlay, creating a cool glass graphic that has both a clear overlay and a frost overlay for when 100 percent privacy is desired. It’s the best of both worlds.

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T&T Tinting is the exclusive installer for Tesla Glass in Hawaii. Call 275-4565 and request more information on the new Tesla Glass privacy on demand film from the staff. Or, better yet, drop by T&T Tinting’s showroom at 3035 Koapaka St., near the airport for an in-person demonstration, and say “Alexa, view off,” then see the magic happen for yourself!


Tesla Glass is just another reason why T&T Tinting was voted No. 1 by Honolulu Star-Advertiser readers in “Hawaii’s Best” People’s Choice Awards for four years in a row. Mahalo for making us No. 1 again!

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