It’s summer season and it’s also hurricane season, which began June 1 and lasts through November. NOAA’s Central Pacific Hurricane Center has predicted an above-normal season for hurricanes in 2018, forecasting four to seven tropical cyclones in the Central Pacific.

The above-average season prediction is based on the developing El Nino. Currently, the water temperature in the region between Hawaii and the Central Americas (where East Pacific hurricanes form) is between 3 to 6 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal. Additionally, the wind shear is predicted to remain below average. Ocean heat and low vertical wind shear are the two main components responsible for storm development.

But can it really happen here?


There are a few common misconceptions held: many people believe that Kauai is the only island that is vulnerable to hurricanes. In fact, most scientists agree that the islands are at about an equal risk of being hit by a hurricane. Hurricanes have hit other islands in the past including Oahu and there have been many close misses both recently and historically.

Others mistakenly believe that if they don’t live on the coast, they are safe. The vast majority of damage on Kauai by Iniki was caused by the powerful winds. Over the past 10 years, global heat records have been broken every year and many scientists predict an increase in hurricane activity. The truth is, everyone in Hawaii, regardless of which island they reside on and how close to the shore their home is, should be prepared for a hurricane.

Protect your home

Protecting windows and doors is one of the most effective actions to reduce the risk of wind damage. High winds and windborne debris can break unprotected windows and doors and allow wind to cause severe structural damage. A window breach can potentially double the uplift forces on your roof, significantly increasing the chance that your roof will lift off.


Discount Windows & Doors offers the two most reliable products to prevent a window or door breach: Hurricane shutters and hurricane-proof windows and doors.

Hurricane shutters

Hurricane shutters are one of the most reliable methods to protect windows and doors. These electrically operated shutters, made from foam filled extruded aluminum, can be closed quickly and provide the ultimate protection from both storms and break-ins. The shutters can be mounted over windows, doors, patios or wherever a secure barrier is required. Rolling hurricane shutters disappear when not in use.

Hurricane-proof products with large-missile tested impact glass

Discount Windows & Doors offers a selection of reinforced vinyl-framed hurricane proof windows and doors with impact glass. The impact glass consists of a laminate sandwiched between two glass panes. During a storm, debris may crack the outer glass, but the laminate creates an impenetrable barrier preventing damage from wind, rain and flying debris. Hurricane-proof impact windows are beautiful and strong. Shwinco, the manufacturer, is so confident in their product they offer a break-in guarantee to pay for damages not covered by insurance.


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