The “pet humanization” trend is alive and well and continues to drive growth in products and services for pets. These days pet dogs are living the high life. Homeowners are bringing them out from the yard to live with them inside their homes.

Homeowners are now designing spaces around the needs of their dogs and are choosing products that will hold up to the daily wear of tiny or large paws. The flooring should also hold up against spills, pet accidents and muddy paws. On top of that, dog owners want it easy to clean and maintain. There has been an influx of pet-friendly flooring options over the years as the demand has grown and homeowners are looking to replace carpet with hard surface flooring.


There is no perfect flooring but Genesis Vinyl laminate is the next best thing you can have for your dog. The waterproof core will not be damaged by spills, pet accidents or muddy paws. The Ceramic Bead finish will hold up to the everyday wear and tear, and make it easy to clean and maintain.

The cushion underlayment will provide warmth and comfort while walking or laying down on the floor. It also will deaden noise from foot traffic within the house and from transferring between floor levels. The underlayment and floor surface is treated with “Ultra Fresh.” This inhibits the growth of mold and mildew and eliminates odors associated with it.

You don’t have to give up beauty to find a floor for your dog. Genesis has high definition wood visuals, rich surface textures and realistic emhbossing that delivers a natural wood appearance at the fraction of the cost of real wood.


Every dog has its’ day and when you put in a Genesis floor, you and your dog will be living the high life and enjoying the floor.

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