When you are building or remodeling, the decisions can seem endless and could leave you feeling totally overwhelmed. Here are some steps you can take to help you through the initial process.

First find rooms that inspire you and will work for your home and family. Create a binder, and if you are internet savvy, start a Pinterest page.

Do your research on materials. There are always new products and trends. You need to know what is current, and the advantages and disadvantages of one material over another.


List the work you want to have done, like new flooring, new cabinets, new counter-tops, new appliances, new lighting and new furniture.

With your list, prioritize the areas and projects. For instance you might want to do all the flooring but have to wait for the cabinets and counters, or you might want to get your furniture pieces first, then tackle the floors.

Decide what furniture you want to keep and what you want to replace. Sell or donate what you don’t need or want.

Now is a good time to bring in a professional interior designer. Once you are clear on what you want to do, and the look you like, starting the dialogue is easier. Your designer can begin to advise you on which material would work best for your lifestyle and develop your plan.


With a plan in hand, you can start talking to suppliers. You will know the square footage and what you are looking for. Start assembling samples and then have your designer review with you and make suggestions.

Having an interior designer collaborating with you will take a lot of the pressure and stress off you. The designer will help find the right solution to your budget. Prepare your plans so that when you are ready to get a quote from a contractor, the contractor will be able to provide a much more accurate quote.

Lastly, give yourself a reasonable schedule to do these things. Don’t wait until the contractor shows up to start selecting your materials. Some items are not on island and will need to be ordered. Demolition only takes a couple of days. Don’t start until the materials are ready.

Designer For A Day is customized to fit your needs with as little as two hours to full service. The company can guide you through this intimidating process so you can feel confident that you made the right choices, and save you time and money.


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