Carl Williams and his wife decided that it was time to rebuild.

Their 60-year-old home was showing signs of aging and did not fit the couple’s vision of a residence where they could live out their years. They also desired having one of their children nearby as they aged.

“My wife and I had kind of a vision of what we wanted, but it was pretty fuzzy. We were confident that Graham had the team that would be able to help us shape our ideas and our goals into this final product,” said Williams.


Choosing to do a home construction project is a big decision. Large or small, residential projects are an investment of time and money. Selecting the right builder brings visions to life and gives homeowners a positive experience.

“We cannot say enough about the Graham Builders’ design team. The step-by-step process that occurred over several meetings took us through the many construction details in a relaxed environment,” said Williams.

“They helped us value engineer our project and make selections that met our goals while remaining reasonably in our budget.

“We knew we wanted a home that we could enjoy with our friends and family. We’re both professionals and need a home office. We wanted a place for our sons and their families to stay when they visit, and we wanted a two-story home where we could remain until the stairs become a problem,” said Williams.


The couple believed that an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) designed for accessibility would fit perfectly in their grand plan.

“Having an accessible ADU in addition to the main residence, allows us a back-up plan for when mobility makes climbing the stairs in our executive home difficult,” stated Williams.

“Our plan was to design and build a home that would allow us and our family a place to live no matter what stage of life we are in. While Gail and I are in the main residence, one of our sons will live in the ADU. The accessible design makes the ADU seem sleek and modern. It is very comfortable for our son who is currently living in the cottage. Later, when Gail and I move over, one of our sons can live in the larger residence. It will give us peace of mind knowing that one of our children will be nearby as we age.”

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