The Cool Roof Store is well known for its hands-on seminars that show homeowners how to install their own roof, wall and deck coatings. This year the company is adding an extra feature to its presentation.

It is introducing ThePerfectSpace™ — an affordable, portable and expandable kit that can be assembled by two people in just a day or two. Head to the Cool Roof Store see this revolutionary new structure at the company’s first open house during the one-day sale at 1363 S. Beretania St. from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 28.


It’s amazing as an office, secure storage, man cave, she shed, workshop — whatever! It is made to last more than 30 years with little maintenance to the tough laminated wall panels.

It’s waterproof, termite proof and rustproof. Because it is painted with the Cool Roof Store’s special heat reflecting paints, it can stay cool even when painted with darker colors without using insulation.

Who says you can’t take it with you? Whether it’s floods, fires, lava, or just that your lease has expired, sometimes you just gotta get up and go.


With ThePerfectSpace you and a few friends can simply unbolt it in a day and drive it away in a standard pickup. The next day you can erect it somewhere else — or sell it. The rust-proof steel tubes and tough laminated panels are made to last more than 30 years with minimal maintenance.

It’s really quite fascinating how it works — because it’s so simple. The basic kit starts at $9,850 plus tax for a 10-foot-by-12-foot with a spacious 13-foot high ceiling.

This size can usually be built as a legal storage unit without a permit. You want it bigger? No problem.


Because all the panels are bolted together with stainless bolts, they can quickly be unbolted and combined together to make a much larger structure.

Check it out for yourself and see a presentation on the future of building small affordable units that can stand the test of time — while getting a special price on heat reflecting coatings for your roof, walls and decks.

CONTACT 591-1905
ADDRESS 1363 S. Beretania St. (corner of Keeaumoku)