“Thanks to RevoluSun, I can’t wait to walk in the door when I get home now,” said RevoluSun Smart Home customer Matthew White, “because it’s cool inside before I even open my windows.”

Like many Honolulu families, White’s home was built in the 1950s using single-wall construction and no insulation, so it used to get hotter and hotter throughout the day. “Our house was literally like an oven, baking in the sun all day, and it would stay hot long after the sun went down and it started cooling off outside,” added White.


“A lot of our customers are amazed at how well their older homes perform after making a few low-tech improvements,” said RevoluSun president and general manager David Gorman.

White made his home 5 to 10 degrees cooler through a solar-reflective roof and the addition of ridge vents, a PV-powered solar attic fan and insulation. Together, these products reflect light energy from the roof, remove hot air from the attic and provide a barrier that keeps attic heat from entering the living space.

“Most people don’t realize how important the roof (and adequate attic ventilation) is in keeping homes cool and comfortable. Our roofing products provide a heat barrier which will make your home more energy efficient should you have air conditioning in the home as well,” said Gorman.


The Whites are using less electricity to stay cool this summer and are looking forward to receiving their first electric bill after installing a photovoltaic (PV) solar system. “We’re cool and comfortable and generating our own clean electricity. It’s a great feeling,” said White.

Every product RevoluSun sells has been through real-world testing in their own homes. This gives their team firsthand experience of the value the products add to homes.

“By understanding things like how much a roof can reduce your cooling needs, and ultimately how much energy you use, we can improve your home’s ‘total performance’ and reduce its overall cost to operate,” said Gorman. “Homeowners deserve to work with a company that takes total home performance — the big picture — into account when planning home improvement. That’s what they can expect with RevoluSun.”


The kamaaina-owned home improvement company, which started in Hawaii with PV solar energy nine years ago, has helped more than 8,000 families like the Whites save over $25 million a year in energy costs. The company has since expanded its expertise to include air conditioning, roofing, natural lighting and other smart home improvements.

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