By any standard, Rui Construction and Building Supply is a great American success story.

Owner Xiao Rui “Ray” Xie began his career two decades ago in Singapore as a construction worker, gradually moving up to foreman. Ultimately Xie immigrated to the United States, working for small Hawaii builders as, once again, a laborer.


When Xie felt he had enough experience, he obtained a general contracting license, becoming known in the community for the quality of the homes he built. Eight years ago, he expanded his construction business to include a building supply company. The two arms of the enterprise complement each other perfectly, according to Jon Xie, manager of Rui Building Supply and son of Ray Xie.

“Basically, it’s a one-stop shop. Our building supply company sells kitchen cabinetry, countertops, vanities, sinks, tile, fl ooring, even lighting,” said Xie. “And if you need a house built or renovated, or you don’t have a contractor, we can refer you to the construction side. We help clients do pre-estimates and layouts for kitchens and bathrooms, free of cost. We work directly with owners to design and build at the same time.”

Specializing in two-story, single-family homes, the company has earned enthusiastic endorsements in the form of referrals and repeat business.


“We really don’t advertise our construction business because we have a lot of referrals,” explained Xie. “Usually we’re able to complete houses within six months of breaking ground. Everyone works fast, and often we work weekends as well.”

Rui’s full-service approach means they can be involved in all aspects of a new build or renovation, and they also can provide the fi ttings that make a house feel like home: heavy porcelain tile fl ooring; gorgeous granite countertops cut to order; handsome, solid wood cabinets and vanities.

“We aim for high quality,” Xie said, “because the majority of the things we bring in, our clients on the construction side will choose for houses we build for them.”


The showroom’s long-awaited relocation has been pushed back to March 2019, said Xie, due to the city permitting department’s new system and regulations on residential and commercial construction. In the meantime, the store continues its unbeatable clearance sales.

“Some of our cabinets are really cheap! I tell clients that if they need storage space in their garages, they can pick up solid wood cabinets for $30 or $40, mount them on the wall and clean everything up!”

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