Live the American dream: buy a home. As opposed to renting, owning a home will allow you to invest in your family’s future for these reasons:

Investment: In Hawaii, real estate has continually appreciated over the years. With an ever-growing population and limited supply of land, the demand for land and land prices will continually grow. For most Hawaii homeowners, their home will be their biggest and most beneficial investment.

Tax deductible: Mortgage interest is tax deductible while rent is not.


Equity: Did you know that mortgage payments build equity with each payment? That means you are truly owning more of your home as time goes on. With rent payments, you pay the landlord money you’ll never see again (and may be funding their equity).

Borrowing money: For future expenses, you can borrow on your home equity. Conversely, rent payments are your future expenses.

Mortgage rates: They’re low, which makes getting a mortgage more affordable.


Controlling payment amount: You can control how much you pay for your mortgage payments, but not your rent payments.

Stability: You can gain stability by allowing yourself to become established in your neighborhood of choice. However, when you rent, your landlord will decide how long you can stay and how much you’ll have to pay.

Investment in your children’s future: With the continually rising real estate prices, many locals are getting “priced out of paradise” and leaving because they can’t afford to live here anymore. By buying a home, you can ensure your kids can afford to stay at home.

Many of our parents struggled to pay for a home they bought 50 years ago for $25,000 never thinking it could be worth $900,000 or more today. We can only imagine what home prices will be in another 50 years. Capture the American Dream and buy your own home. You can determine if this is possible through CU Network Services (NMLS# 375459) — they have guided many first-time homebuyers. Call 529-4599 for a no-obligation appointment or stop by the office at 715 S. King St., Suite 100.

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