Here are the top five benefits of tinting your residential or office windows with T&T Tinting Specialists Inc.

Energy savings

Many people are looking for ways to save energy. By saving energy, you’ll be saving money, too. When you get home to a hot house, you quickly go to the A/C and “crank it up!” By installing window film on your windows from T&T Tinting, you’ll come home to a cooler home that needs less A/C. Not to mention, you’ll see a difference in your electric bill. By the way, you’ll also see less fading on your carpet, as well as hard-wood floors and furniture.

Safety and security


In the case of hurricane weather, you’ll rest easy knowing that your family is safe with T&T Tinting’s safety and security films. The company has a film so strong that it is even bomb blast resistant. (Many government buildings use these films.) It holds together potential flying shards of glass.

Beauty or curb appeal

T&T Tinting is the first company to offer Glass Graphics and continues to have the largest selection of Glass Graphics in the state. It’s affordable, too! Glass Graphics by T&T Tinting looks just like etched glass but comes at a fraction of the price. Plus, it can be installed very quickly. If you don’t see a sample you like at, T&T Tinting has its own in-house artist who will create the design of your dreams! If you ever want to change your design, it’s easy. T&T Tinting will just stop by, pull off the old design and re-install a new one.


Don’t sweat your way through another summer, stay cool at home. When you get Vista Window Film installed on your windows, you’ll stop up to 79 percent of the sun’s heat from entering through the glass, as well as 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. The film comes with a manufacturer’s transferable lifetime warranty on material and labor, so you can pass it on to the next owner of your home, adding value.



Come to T&T Tinting for its experience and knowledge. President and CEO Tommy Silva has been tinting Hawaii’s windows since 1982. In fact, the staff has more than 250 years of combined tinting experience. That’s why Honolulu Star-Advertiser readers have continuously voted T&T Tinting among Hawaii’s Best. The company also is Top Five in the country regularly, according to “the industry’s bible” Window Film Magazine.

And there you have it. There are many benefits from window tinting — those are just five — and installing window film on your home or office windows is affordable. Based on 150 square feet of glass, you can tint your home or office for $975.

Visit for photos, videos and details. If you book your window film installation online, you’ll get 10 percent off! T&T Tinting is open Monday-Saturday, so stop its Koapaka Street location or call 275-4565.

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