Windows Hawaii, the Islands’ premier choice for superior windows and doors happily celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2018.

While serving Hawaii with superb customer service and durable, lasting products for the past decade, Windows Hawaii makes it a point to continue pleasing customers with its consistent reliability, as well as with new innovations to add to the aesthetic, value and protection of your most valuable investment.


That is why the company is excited to introduce a new product line that will certainly add a jolt of life to the home — specifi cally the patio.

The LifeRoom is the newest trend in sunroom design featuring tech-forward advancements for ease of use and comfort. Installing a LifeRoom to the house is like extending it with a fully functional space minus the hassle of the actual renovation process and prices.

The LifeRoom grants users everything there is to love about being outdoors, but with all the comforts of being indoors. For residents of the Islands, this means being able to enjoy the outdoors despite salty sea breezes, voggy conditions, rainy weather and overall humid days.


LifeRoom’s features include automated screens, mood lighting, cool mist and soft breeze technology, and customizability to fi t everyone’s desires.

With just the simple push of a button, the retractable screens can be adjusted as needed for protection from the aforementioned weather conditions and insects, as well as provide privacy between neighbors. Not to mention, it further helps with the sun’s harmful rays by blocking 95 percent of UV rays. As an additional relaxant, each screen is illuminated by a tranquil, blue LED glow with the mood lighting setting.

One of the best parts of LifeRoom is its innovative refreshment provided by Cool Mist climate system and Soft Breeze technology. The manufacturer designed the product to be enjoyed even on the hottest of days with an ultra-fi ne crisp, cooling mist. Its technology boasts a temperature reduction of up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


Already a big hit along the West Co ast, especially in California, LifeRoom will transform your outdoor living space into a dream oasis for you, your family and friends. Contact Windows Hawaii, your exclusive dealer of LifeRoom products, for more information.

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