If you are looking to replace sliding doors or windows for your home you have a number of options, from big box stores to a number of window replacement contractors. What’s important and what is just a sales pitch?

There are three main factors to consider: product quality, installation and service/ warranty.

Hawaii has a unique set of environmental issues for most building materials that include salt air, high UV light and heavy rain. The majority of manufacturers on the mainland are building windows for mainland consumers and don’t encounter these issues to the extent we do in Hawaii.

Window and sliding door parts that are most susceptible to weathering and deterioration are screens, hardware and the spacers that keep the two panes of the dual pane window systems separate. Metal spacers in Hawaii can fail within 10 years resulting in fogging between the windowpanes.


While vinyl window frames are generally considered more resilient than wood or aluminum frames, the high UV light can cause the cheaper vinyl to powder or fade.

Screens are another area of concern. Most window screens employ plastic tabs to use to remove the screen from the frame for cleaning. After a couple years the screen gets “welded” into the frame making it very difficult to remove. As a result, the plastic tabs break off.

While many vinyl windows have a similar appearance when they are new, after some years of installation you can see the effects of inferior quality. We visit homes every week where customers had contractor grade windows installed that now need to be replaced after 10 years because of leaking, fogging or inoperative hardware.

And it’s not just the quality of the product. Windows get installed with fasteners that corrode or cheap caulking that ruins the appearance of the windows and allows water intrusion into the walls.

Having installed windows for more than 30 years Diamond Head Windows are well versed in what works and what doesn’t. The company has located manufacturers who will custom build windows for Hawaii that address the aforementioned concerns.


This includes things like stainless steel hardware and rollers, screens that are easily removed for cleaning, insulated glass that won’t fog with NEAT glass that is easy to keep clean.

Additionally, Diamond Head Windows uses its own staff to install windows (not sub-contractors) and utilizes non-corrosive fasteners as well as the best quality caulking to ensure your windows perform and maintain their appearance for the life of your home.

While it is good marketing in Hawaii to say that you have windows made for Hawaii, many times it is only a marketing slogan.

Here is the proof: Does your contractor or manufacturer warranty their work and product for the life of your home? Read the fine print on the warranty. Most window manufacturers will not warranty screens and have a limited warranty on hardware in Hawaii, particularly if your home is within 2-3 miles of the coastline. Some warranties omit labor, so if your local contractor goes out of business the manufacturer will not cover shipping or labor.

Diamond Head Windows is the only company in Hawaii with a lifetime warranty that includes screens, hardware, accidental glass breakage, labor and installation for as long as you live in your home. It also can be transferred to a new owner.


Find out for yourself what makes our products and service unique in Hawaii. Schedule a free in-home consultation. Diamond Head Windows has styles and brands that fit your budget and needs, in addition to a number of finance options. Call 419-7500 to get started.

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