Several years ago, while my husband and I were renting a condo in Kaimuki, we could have sworn to you that our place was haunted. Our dog, Lilo, was uneasy the majority of the time, and she seemed to bark up as if there were a person in front of her when there wasn’t.

Our neighbors had similar experiences, and so we pooled our resources together and had several units blessed on the same day by a kahu (a religious leader, such as a priest). After that, the mysterious presence disappeared, and I was sold on the idea that home blessings were worth it.

Now that we are in our new home, I have a house blessing on the to-do list along with other new-home good luck traditions. While I don’t plan to do all of these, I have gathered a list of some good luck practices that you can implement in your home as well:

• Calendar. When choosing your move-in date, certain cultures believe that Thursday is the luckiest day of the week to choose. Bad luck days? Fridays, Saturdays and any days with rain.

•Broom. Donate your old broom or mop and purchase a new one for your new home. According to various cultures, bringing your old broom brings along any dirt and negative energy from your past along with it.

•Sage. Native Americans used a smudge stick to purify themselves and their spaces. If you want to try the practice on your own, you can do it before you move in and then repeat regularly. Remember to use white sage, which is not the sage you would buy to store in your spice cabinet. You can purchase bundles online or at a health store. Light the end of the smudge stick and then blow it out, similar to how you would light incense. Smudge your home’s occupants first, then move on to the house itself starting at the front door. Keep the windows open and a bucket of water nearby.

•Food. Bring rice and salt into the home. Some traditions call for bread and salt, but rice and salt work the same. The idea is that bringing these pantry staples to your home will ensure that you will never go hungry and your life will be full of fl avor.

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