How happy are you with your home? Is it a pleasant place to be or is it uncomfortably warm? Is it affordable to remain comfortable throughout the year? Does the home’s carbon footprint align with your values?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your home’s performance could stand some improvement. A high-performing home is one that hits all three areas: comfortable, economical and sustainable.


RevoluSun Smart Home knows that isolated solutions often negatively affect overall home performance, so the company has renewed its focus on the three solutions that can make the biggest impact: roofing, air conditioning and solar energy.

“Roofing is kind of the unsung hero in improving home performance,” said RevoluSun general manager David Gorman. “People don’t realize how much of a difference a roof makes on indoor temperatures and energy costs.” Solar reflective roofing materials reflect light and heat energy, lowering indoor temperatures. As a result, less electricity is needed to cool the home.

Unfortunately, some neighborhoods will be hot no matter what. In such a case, having energy efficient air conditioning is of utmost importance.


Mitsubishi split A/Cs are 35 percent more efficient than window units and 40 percent more efficient than central air conditioning. That means you could run your Mitsubishi A/C for more than three months with what you would’ve spent in one month to run an inefficient one.

Where does solar energy fit into home performance?

“Solar energy is still the best investment around,” mentioned Gorman. “People focus on the amount of time that it takes for the system to pay for itself in savings. That’s about seven years. But think about it, after that seven years, your electricity is free!” All in all, solar energy is better for the environment and better for your wallet.


Gorman recommended sitting down with a RevoluSun Smart Home Specialist to develop a game plan for improving your home’s performance. That way you can minimize energy use while meeting your desire for comfort in the most economical way. That’s total home performance through a total home solution.


RevoluSun offers free Smart Home Seminars (pictured here) on the third Saturday of every month to show you how to make your home sustainable. Call the company for more details on how to reserve your spot.

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