DecraGlass is a revolutionary spray-applied glass coating that can make any wall, deck or driveway look beautiful. It’s often seen as a high-end architectural coating on retail shops and restaurants that want to make a statement.

Because it is made from recycled automotive glass it has an attractive sparkle finish that is quite striking as a sophisticated architectural finish. This glass also serves a functional purpose, making a safe, slip-resistant deck surface.



DecraGlass also is very durable. So durable, in fact, that it can be used as a driveway coating for light vehicular traffic. Its exceptional durability is due to its unique particle coloring system.

It’s a water-based formula, with its own proprietary chemistry that can be sprayed on as a single component product.

It has a long shelf life and it’s UV-resistant in a wide range of colors and is waterproof, requiring little maintenance. The glass is chemicaland oil-resistant when a topcoat of DecraGlass Clear Coat is applied.



DecraGlass can be used over concrete, brick, asphalt, stucco or metal — often without a primer, which saves both time and money in the application process.

DecraGlass spray-applied colored glass coating is made from a combination of the latest resin technology and 100 percent recycled glass. The glass is pulverized into tiny particles and each particle is then uniquely and individually coated in different colors.

Once cured, the colored glass particles are then cross-linked with a proprietary chemistry to produce a single pack multi-colored, ready-to-apply coating system. DecraGlass is then spray-applied to a wide variety of surfaces using either a conventional hopper gun or Cool Roof Store’s in-house engineered spray pumping system.


The end result produces an advanced revolutionary way to provide a truly unique architectural surface finish with endless applications and multi-colored effects. Unlike single colored paint, DecraGlass also can be applied to a wide range of textured finishes, with the uniqueness of a multi-colored particle appearance.

The Cool Roof Store is the exclusive dealer for DecraG-lass coating in Hawaii. If you would like to see the coatings in person, or wish to get an estimate on your own project, call the company at 591-1905.

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