Stone has a way of completely transforming interior or exterior living spaces. Now you can do this quickly and easily with Cast Stone Veneer and Landscape items made by Big Rock, Hawaii’s only source for beautiful Hawaiian stone.

Big Rock is exceptional. It manufactures and sells all sorts of things that are unavailable anywhere else in the world. That’s because it specializes in making copies of the Islands’ Hawaiian stones and artifacts and has been doing so since 1983.


You can cover any wall with stone veneer. Use it in the living room, on a fireplace wall, or even in the bathroom on the shower and tub enclosure for a tropical feel. For the outdoors, the veneer also can be installed anywhere: as a wain-scot on the bottom of a 3-foot area of the home, on the entry, the chimney, and to cover unsightly cement walls. Big Rock also makes its exclusive “Pot Rocks” to install among the wall stone for planting to add a touch of greenery, or Bromeliads and Orchids for a splash of color.

Big Rock specializes in Hawaiian stones such as Moss Rock, Coral, Lava and more. It is sold by the square foot, and is identical in appearance to natural stone, but weighs very little.

It easily installs onto any existing surface, and it goes up with a simple mixture of mortar and sand. What’s more, Big Rock sells its custom dyes to add to the mix for matching mortar.


If you are interested in getting an idea of cost, all you will need to know for your dream project are the dimensions. Just call, drop by the showroom or email co-owner Bonnie Cooper at bcooper@, and you will receive a materials quote. You could also visit the company’s website or Facebook page for more information on products.

Big Rock Stone Veneer is permanent, requires no maintenance and has a 50-year warranty. As the stone is locally manufactured on Oahu, stock is readily available. Big Rock ships worldwide and to all outer islands weekly.

The company has an incredible variety of garden landscape items too: moss rock pavers, boulders, waterfalls, benches and all sorts of garden goodies. So, if you’re looking for something to improve and beautify your property, start with a visit to Big Rock’s garden showroom in Mapunapuna. Big Rock is a company that takes pride in offering top quality products, backed by more than three decades of customer satisfaction.

CONTACT 834-ROCK (7625)
ADDRESS 1050 Kikowaena Place, Honolulu