Keeping solar panels clean is not usually something on one’s to-do list. The “out of sight, out of mind” mentality deters Hawaii residents from making the most of their investment.

While many homeowners have had solar panels installed to cut cost on electricity bills, they may not realize maintaining their system is a must. As you do with your cars, regular maintenance should be done to protect and maintain your investment. Proper maintenance of solar panels will provide longevity of your system and optimum performance.


Reasons to consider cleaning your solar panels include:

As panels get dirtier, the output declines. Dirt, salt air, bird droppings and road grime can block the sun’s rays from reaching the power-generating system, which can cause up to a 25-percent drop in productivity.

Panels that are tilted 5 degrees or less may collect muddy puddles of debris along the lower edge. As the puddles dry, a thick layer of dirt can accumulate along the lower row of cells. This small accumulation of dirt can cause a very significant decrease in output.

Homeowners that live in windy areas, or areas with frequent morning showers tend to have a lot more particles in the air and should probably have solar panels cleaned more often.

While homeowners could hose off the panels themselves, basic water consists of minerals and will leave residue. Clean Solar Panels Hawaii uses a special non-abrasive brush and a special water filtration system to remove the usual mineral deposits to create ultra-pure water.

Clean Solar Panels Hawaii offers cleaning ser vices starting at just $10 per panel — an excellent value when considering the enhanced performance and cost savings that result in the long run. For more information, log on to, and call 454-7565 for a free estimate.

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