Now that it’s May, summer is officially just around corner — although, sometimes it feels like it is already here! Experts say Hawaii is in for more record high temperatures this summer, but with one visit to T&T Tinting Specialists, you won’t need to worry. Installing window film on your home, office and automobile windows will keep your family cool and protected. T&T Tinting has been keeping Hawaii families cool since 1982.

Besides keeping your home cool with the Vista Window Film, you’ll also enjoy 99.9 percent UV ray protection, better views, hurricane protection, great curb appeal, energy savings and longer life for your carpet, hardwood floors, furniture, and even artwork. Learn more about the other benefits in the weeks to come.

Since summertime is on the way, it’s time to prepare for the heat. But which window film is right for your home? How does one choose?


T&T Tinting has everything from clear to darker, and one-way mirrored films. Visit and see all that is available for you. Explore the website today and watch the videos on the company’s amazing solar films, and you can even request a no-cost, in-home consultation.

When you get Vista Window Film installed on your windows, you’ll stop up to 79 percent of the sun’s heat from entering through the glass. The film comes with a manufacturer’s transferable lifetime warranty on material and labor that you can pass onto the next owner of your home, adding value.

This summer, reject the sun’s heat. It’s affordable! Based on 150 square feet of glass, T&T Tinting can tint your entire home for as low as $1,000.

T&T Tinting is at 3035 Kaopaka St. and on Kawaiahao Street near Ala Moana. Call 275-4565 or go to tnttinting. com. If you book your installation online, T&T Tinting will give you 10 percent off.

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