For many people from Hawaii who have visited Japan, one of the things they remember from their trip is the TOTO washlet. For those of you unfamiliar with the washlet, it is an electronic bidet that cleans you after using the bathroom. It’s not surprising why people appreciate the washlet. After all, TOTO is the No. 1 brand in Japan. For those who have installed a washlet in their homes, their reviews have almost always been enthusiastically favorable.

So in order to understand why the washlet is so common in Japan, here are some features and benefits that customers simply love.

With the TOTO washlet, you can change seat, water and dryer temperatures with a remote control. This remote also can remember all your settings so that two people can access their settings with a simple push of a button.


With the washlet, you can reduce toilet paper use and help with the environment. In the U.S. alone, people use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper a year — that’s equivalent to 15 million trees. Toilet paper also is the leading cause of clogged pipes and overfl owing toilets.

If you value hygiene, you will appreciate the clean feeling after every use. The feeling is quite soothing, and it feels good for those with sensitive skin from excessive wiping, or if you have hemorrhoids or rashes. The washlet can even relieve the symptoms of infl ammatory bowel diseases and urinary tract infections.

The automated functions make it a joy to have. From a built-in air deodorizer that refreshes the air from the toilet to take any foul odors away, which is much appreciated; the self-cleaning function that makes maintenance easy; automatic open and close seats available on select models; to the automatic air dryer that will leave you feeling refreshed after you’re done. Newer models feature electrolyzed water, which is a proven disinfectant. Electrolyzed water will clean the nozzle and mist bowl after every use, killing bacteria and keeping your toilet sanitized.

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