Summer is the season when your backyard takes center stage. As warm weather arrives, it’s time to head outdoors and create a beautiful and lush outdoor space that you can enjoy all season long.

“It’s no secret that backyards are the best place to spend time with family and friends in the summer months,” said Chris Lambton, a yard and garden expert for Fiskars. “Using the right tools to take care of your grass, trees, plants and shrubs will freshen the look of your outdoor space and create a yard that feels like an oasis for you and your guests.”

Lambton offered his tips and tools to help your yard flourish this season:

Maintain proper lawn height


The optimal grass height for a healthy lawn changes with the time of year. Cut grass shorter in the spring and fall and keep it longer in summer so it won’t dry out. Use a reel mower that allows you to easily adjust the cut height for the season. In addition to making your lawn look its best, pushing a reel mower provides an opportunity for exercise and fresh air.

Encourage new plant growth

Pruning and deadheading are necessary for plant health as they encourage new growth. Pruning is great for keeping tall plants within bounds, stimulating branch growth and blooms and tightening up plants that get lanky throughout the season, including perennials and shrubs. Hand shears, like the Fiskars PowerGear2 Pruner, cut through stems and light branches, and they are perfect for quick and easy maintenance projects around the yard. Deadheading can be done year-round when a flowering plant fades using a tool like a pruning snip.

Know when to water

If you walk across the grass and the blades don’t spring back, then you know it’s time to water. Choose an adjustable sprinkler, like the Gilmour Pattern Master Circular Sprinkler, that allows you to customize the spray pattern and tailor to irregularly shaped lawns to prevent over-watering.

When watering potted plants, the goal is to create soil that’s damp but not soggy. Depending on the size of the pot, water your plants one to two times a day using a thumb-control watering nozzle, which easily adjusts water flow with one touch. Be sure to pair your nozzle with a hose that stands up to the season’s heat and sun, like the durable Flexogen Super Duty Hose.

Incorporate decorative do-it-yourself (DIY)


Creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor space makes seasonal entertaining easy and fun. One way to update your furnishings without buying a new patio set is to upcycle materials from your home.

Containers are an easy, low-commitment way to add design elements and even a splash of color to your backyard. They’re also highly versatile, allowing you to rearrange your yard on a whim or change out plants to match the season or mood. Repurpose glass jars, aluminum cans and ceramic pots to make beautiful container gardens on your patio.

Another easy DIY is to turn old wooden crates into extra seating by painting them in bright colors, securing them atop one another and adding a decorative cushion — the possibilities are endless!

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.