Customer Grid Supply Plus (CGS+) and Smart Export are the newest solar programs introduced by the Public Utilities Commission for homeowners wanting to install solar. Homeowners who choose the CGS+ program will still be compensated by the utility for any export of energy they generate with their solar system and send back to the grid.

Another solar interconnection program that’s already in place is Customer Self Supply (CSS), which is intended only for solar installations that are designed to not export any electricity to the grid. Therefore, unlike customers who are in the CGS+ program, customers who choose CSS will not be compensated for any export of energy.

Hawaii Energy Connection (HEC), the company also known as KumuKit™ for its solar electricity and solar hot water systems, is one of very few companies that can offer the CGS+ program to you. HEC is an industry leader with its smart energy management technology, along with its top-tier, high-efficiency panels, micro-inverters and its exclusive, highly innovative Energy Management Controller (EMC) with sophistication unlike any other in the market today. Get the intelligent system that will provide you benefits now, adapting to your changing needs, unpredictable utility policies and coming demand response benefit programs — essentially future-proofing energy usage in your home or business. All KumuKit solar photovoltaic (PV) systems now come with batteries included, along with the EMC.


One of the advantages of the KumuKit with batteries is having electricity when the utility grid goes down or when there is a loss of power. This will allow you to run your critical loads, such as your refrigerator/freezer, TV, radio, microwave, coffee maker, internet, medical devices, phone charger, and the fish tank, too! A pool pump, Jacuzzi or A/C are not considered critical loads when the power goes out.

With the ever-changing solar interconnection programs, it is important to point out that in order to maximum the benefits on your solar system, you must consider the right PV system size for your needs. Avoid purchasing a “packaged”

PV system, which promises a certain amount of panels, batteries and a monthly savings figure. You must take into consideration your unique situation, tax credit appetite, available roof space, budget and electricity usage. HEC uses its exclusive Right-Sizer™ tool to design a customized solution with “good, better and best” options that balance the cost of the system and the amount of savings you’ll enjoy. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” system.

You may have already applied or submitted an application for a PV system under the regular CGS or CSS program. Perhaps you already received your solar approval, but were unable to contact your original contractor or they are no longer in business? Confused on which system is best for your home and needs? Would you like to get your solar system under the CGS+ program and still get compensated for excess energy you send back to the utility? Give HEC a call to increase your savings with a KumuKit.

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