Roofline Supply & Delivery first opened in June 2015 with only 11 employees. Now in 2018 — just three years later — the company has more than 20 employees at its Kapolei location in the heart of Campbell Industrial Park.

Sonny Leandro, the branch manager of Roofline Supply & Delivery, and Sione Loma-vita, the assistant manager, along with many others in the company, have more than 58 years of combined roofing experience.


Customers have chosen Roofline Supply & Delivery over others because of the company’s diverse products from roofing materials to waterproofing, and concrete restoration.

There are many different service options offered as well, including professional take offs, estimates, eagle views, cranes, laddervators, as well as dump services.

Customers choose the company not only because it offers a broad range of products, but also for its customer service. If a contractor, homeowner or foreman needs Roofline Supply & Delivery to look at a roof or has any questions, the company will be there to answer them.


If a homeowner needs a quote, call Roofline Supply & Delivery and it will get you a free consultation and let you know how it can save your roof and/or repair your roof at a great price.

CONTACT 682-5104