One month after demolishing a 70-year-old home on a 3,800-square-foot lot in Palolo Valley (as reported in Hawaii Renovation on April 1, 2018), Homeworks Construction has begun framing the new two-story structure and continues to work closely with the owners on design details and finishes.

The new custom home, with a total of approximately 2,900 square feet of living space, plus utility areas, storage, an entry lanai and garage, provides the family with approximately 200 percent more usable space than the original home. A custom kitchen is being designed by Homeworks Construction’s award-winning kitchen designer Sean Bradshaw.


Homeworks Construction project coordinator Kim Green, a certified green professional, is finalizing details of energy-efficient installations that he said will generate substantial savings for the owners. He noted that the home is designed to take maximum advantage of both solar and light opportunities.

“The window configuration and location, as well as the stairway design, will assist with natural convection and enhance air flow in the home,” Green said. “Insulation of the exterior walls and ceiling create an envelope of cool air and further contribute to air flow.

“Additionally, ridge and eave vents, and a radiant barrier make a huge impact on ambient temperature in the home and also extend the life of the roofing material.”


Green noted that the siding, trim and subfloor are constructed with engineered wood products resistant to moisture and pests, and manufactured from trees grown in managed forests specifically for this purpose.

Limited plumbing under the foundation provides for easy maintenance.

The home is slated for completion by late summer this year.


The end of this series in Hawaii Renovation will cover the completed Palolo custom home in detail, with both interior and exterior photos.


Incorporating energy saving features in new and remodeled homes will be discussed by Homeworks Construction project coordinator Kim Green and other speakers, as well as the latest guidelines for design, construction and fi nancing of ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) at the next Homeworks free “Build New Or ReDo” seminar.

The seminar will be held on Tuesday, May 1 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Homeworks showroom located at 2111 S. Beretania St. Free parking and refreshments will be provided.