RevoluSun Smart Home’s commitment stands in stark contrast to the many solar installers who have closed up shop and left customers with no one to call for help. The company is launching daily workshops to educate homeowners on the many benefits that come with their photovoltaic (PV) or smart home purchases that they may not even know about.

“Our relationship with our customers doesn’t end when we install their solar photovoltaic system,” said general manager David Gorman. “Many of our customers ‘went solar’ as far back as 2009. We’re still here for them nine years later. In fact, we believe our relationship was just beginning, and now they’re returning to us for roofing, air conditioning and other energy saving products.”


As one of only four companies in the nation who have installed 100,000 residential solar panels, Revolu-Sun has amassed a lot of experience when it comes to PV systems. The workshops, which are free and open to the public, share that wealth of knowledge.

RevoluSun’s smart home specialists will lead workshops Monday through Friday from 6 to 7 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from noon to 1 p.m. on a variety of topics.

PV 101

This workshop will cover the basics: how a PV and storage system works, a summary of Hawaiian Electric Co. programs, and financing options. This is a good introduction for those new to solar in Hawaii.

Understanding seasonal PV production


Longer days means more hours of sunlight to produce energy for your home. Find out how it relates to energy consumption, and PV and battery system sizing.

PV monitoring refresher

How much electricity is your PV system producing for you? Your inverter will tell you. Specialists will spend 15 minutes on each inverter (SunPower, SolarEdge, Enphase and Tesla), showing you how to access your monitoring reports and what they mean.

Air conditioning maintenance

You’ll want to know the many benefits of regularly maintaining your air conditioner. This workshop will tell you what you need to know about servicing your A/C system on a regular basis.


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