Many design aspects of houses turn into dangerous obstacles for people with limited mobility. The everyday task of getting in and out of the tub presents challenges for many of Hawaii’s seniors whose houses were built without aging or accessibility in mind. Previously, the only way to achieve a safe bathing environment was the time consuming and costly route of tearing out and replacing the existing tub with a walk-in shower.

Island Bath Works now offers walk-in tub conversions, which modifies existing tubs for safe and easy access.


With hundreds of successful tub conversions, Eric Thompson, CEO of Island Bath Works, empowers seniors to live safe and independent lives regardless of what type of tub is installed.

“Tub conversions can be done on all types of tubs regardless of material composition, age, shape or size,” explained Thompson. “Cast iron tubs are the most common type of tub found on Oahu, are built like a tank, and people are always in disbelief when they see a perfect entrance cut into the tub.”

The walk-in tub conversion process is extremely versatile. The entryway can be made to various widths and can be located at whichever location would best suit the needs of the homeowner.


A walk-in tub conversion is the ideal solution for bathtub accessibility concerns. The conversion process involves cutting the actual bathtub and custom fabricating the cut ends to achieve a safe and low step-in height that maintains a seamless factory appearance. The typical 14-inch high bathtub sidewall can be reduced to a mere 4 inches, as low as most showers. Since no major demolition or plumbing work is required, the job takes just one day of work and is ready to use the following night.

Tub conversion offers tremendous value to homeowners looking for a safer bathroom.

“The cost and time spent on full bath remodels can add up quick due to labor and material costs. Walk-in tub conversions save thousands of dollars while achieving the same safe and accessible bathing environment a shower offers,” said Thompson.


For old tubs that have seen better days, Island Bath Works also offers tub refinishing which restores the original shiny appearance while incorporating a safe non-skid surface to the tub bottom. Grab bars are also available for installation into most types of walls.

Island Bath Works offer service to all islands and is accredited with an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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