QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I have an important choice to make and I don’t know how to make the right one.

Do you have any advice about making choices? What can I do in my home to support myself in making the right choice?

I am at a standstill and afraid to make a wrong move.

Sometimes, we have no options and wish that “something” would show up, and at other times, too many options are available. Whether you have too many or too few options, making a choice can be debilitating.

What you can do in your home


To support yourself in your environment, try grouping similar but scattered things. Put knickknacks into a basket, books back on a bookshelf, shoes in one place, etc. This will help you to see “one” versus “many,” and it will visually and energetically support your intent as you are making your decisions.

The good news

The good news for you, from my point of view at least, is that absolutely no wrong choices exist! No matter what path you eventually choose, you will come out ahead. Of course, based on your choice, your experiences will be different; they will take place in a different environment and with different people, yet the life lessons and benefits will offer what you need from life. So no matter what you choose, it will be the right path for you.

Often, people regret certain choices they have made only because they imagine that had they taken a different path, they would have gotten “X” or experienced “Y,” which they now either perceive or fantasize as being better. In these cases, by not living in the present and seeing only the challenges they have faced, they fail to recognize the benefits gained by being on their current path.

Let go of the pressure

You may be putting too much pressure on yourself to make the right choice. Don’t approach your decision as if there were only one right answer. Once you can see benefits in all of your top choices, acknowledge that many great options are before you.

Don’t try to use too much logic to figure this out. Our fears often paralyze us from making the decisions that offer the most inspiration.

Listen to your heart


First thing tomorrow morning, before getting out of bed and engaging your mind to try to “figure your life out,” ask your heart and listen to what it has to say. Put both hands on your stomach, take a deep breath and say each option aloud. This will allow you to connect to your own inner wisdom in a new way. Notice how you feel as you bring up each of your options.

It is likely that one of those feelings will be better than the others. Do this exercise a few times.

Your mind will try to kick in and confuse you, but continue to breathe deeply and keep your intention set on hearing the quieter voice of your heart. It may be subtle at first, but eventually you will be able to feel the difference.

There is no ‘ wrong’ choice

Rest assured that you will eventually pick the option that feels “right” for you in that moment, and when you do, remind yourself once again that you can’t make a “wrong” choice. Whatever you choose will be right for you. The next step is to commit to that choice and make it great.

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