This is part one of a two-part series.

April is here and spring is in the air, inspiring me to take a break from our usual Q&A format to challenge you to do something in regards to your clutter. If you take even a little bit of action, you’ll self-create some positive energy for yourself.

The importance of doing something

Remember that the smallest effort will make a difference. It’s hard for people to get motivated to clear their clutter, but the biggest obstacle of all is the idea that you have to get rid of all your clutter in one fell swoop.


The clutter in your home has taken years, maybe decades, or even generations to accumulate, yet with an “all or nothing” mindset about clearing it out, you set yourself up to fail before you even start.

Why is it important to clear clutter?

Energy that flows through your space carries opportunities, abundance, renewal and everything that we think of as good and awesome. If the energy can’t flow, it will be reflected in your life in the form of obstacles and challenges.

Here’s a fun way to clear clutter. Do it according to how you best operate, and where you need the most help. First, answer the following question:

Are you a woodpecker or a butterfly?

A “woodpecker” likes to get in, get deep and focus on one area of the home until finished. If this sounds like you, follow the instructions for woodpecker.


A “butterfly” likes to work on multiple areas in the home at the same time. If this sounds like you, follow the instructions for butterfly.

The entrance

The first “assignment” for both butterflies and woodpeckers is to work on your entrance this coming week. The main entrance is considered the architectural front door and where all energy enters. By starting here, you set the intent for fresh energy to enter.

If you have a side or back entrance, include them in your clearing this week. Let go of shoes you no longer wear, dead plants, old welcome mats, broken umbrellas, etc. Furthermore, stick to the following general instructions.

Woodpecker: Remove any accumulated clutter and organize both the outer and inner areas around your entrance. If you have more than one entrance, focus on the front door first, and then the side and back doors, respectively.

Butterfly: The same decluttering rule applies, but give yourself permission to go back and forth between the various entrances, and clear and organize as you feel the need. Do a little here and a little there.

Next week, I will address some common obstacles that may come up in letting go of things, and how to see them from a different perspective. Put it in your schedule to finish this by next Sunday!


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