Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI) will mark its 25th anniversary this year and there’s a lot to celebrate! There is no better time than now to put the power of the sun to work for you, and experts say it’s wise to act sooner rather than later.

With attractive state and federal tax credits still in place for photovoltaic (PV) systems (at least for the next few years) and innovative technology available for solar battery storage, a PV system remains one of the smartest investments you will make — especially as Hawaii’s petroleum-based electricity rates are the highest in the nation and still rising.

While Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO)’s original grid-tied net metering program reached capacity in 2015, customers are excited to learn they can now apply to HECO’s new Customer Grid Supply Plus (CGS+) program. This is great news because with CGS+, you can still install a PV system that exports energy to HECO’s grid when the sun is out, receive a monthly credit on your electric bill to offset the cost of energy pulled from the grid, and ultimately increase your rate of return.


Customers are also cheering the fact that solar battery storage is more accessible and affordable than ever. AEI features the Tesla Powerwall II and LG Chem, the most innovative technology available. You can choose to optimize your system with both grid connectivity and a battery system, or be completely self-sufficient with a system that’s not connected to HECO’s grid at all. Either way, customers are assured of having electricity when they need it most, at night when solar power is not available or as backup in times of natural disaster.

There’s more good news: AEI now offers Panasonic’s new high efficiency HIT® solar panels. In business more than 100 years, Panasonic is one of the world’s leading electronics brands with a stellar track record of quality and innovation. The company started developing promising renewable energy solutions more than 40 years ago, and has amassed more than 150 solar industry patents to date. So it’s no surprise that Panasonic’s HIT panels have the highest conversion efficiency in the industry, realizing 27 percent more power compared to conventional panels on the same roof space — and they maintain that high efficiency even at high temperatures.

As always, AEI’s renowned “design-build” method includes an in-depth consultation, detailed fi eld survey, design, engineering, scheduling, installation and post-installation service. AEI specializes in top-quality solar PV and A/C systems, home energy storage, solar water heating, electric vehicle charging and solar attic fans.

Founded in Honolulu in 1993, AEI has installed more than 59 megawatts to date, and looks forward to serving local families and businesses for generations to come. Find Hawaii’s favorite locally owned and operated renewable energy company online at

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