Have you ever walked into your kitchen with an appetite so monstrous, but then the sight of your out-of-date, dull, characterless surroundings suddenly causes it to fade away? Now what if Oriental Cabinet and Granite’s sales associate Richard Julian Montero Jr. told you that the company’s 25 years of experience, its hardworking professional staff, and its top-of-the-line, most affordable, durable materials can guarantee you never lose your appetite at the sight of your kitchen again.

At Oriental Cabinet and Granite, the company has the ability to bring your household back to life by exceeding your expectations with a desired design that personally fits your needs as a valuable customer. In addition to maintaining a full inventory of countertops, cabinets and more, the company also provides customized products such as bathroom showers.

As part of its full stock, Oriental Cabinet and Granite offers vinyl flooring that is water-resistant and overall the best type of flooring for Hawaii’s climate, as well as a special price of $1.79 per square foot on selective colors (4 mm thickness).


At Oriental Cabinet and Granite, there are many quartz countertops to choose from — like Grey Crystal, Mochiato, and the company’s most popular seller, White Crystal. In addition to its beauty, the company guarantees quartz’s scratch-resistance, durability for years to come, anti-fading, ease of cleaning and, most importantly, it does not retain bacteria.

Also, don’t forget about the company’s strong, solid-wood cabinets with dovetail and soft close hinges that the company assembles in its warehouse that will top off your home renovations and be the final piece to making your dream home a reality.

Oriental Cabinet and Granite provides quick, professional service averaging four to seven days. The company’s office employees do their best to meet the needs of anyone who walks through the door. They will help and work with you from the beginning of the project until the very end, answering any question and making sure you, as a customer, are 100 percent satisfied with the company’s service.

So what are you waiting for? Come on down to the company’s showroom located at 1320 Kalani St., Bay 106, in Honolulu, or call 841-9425, and the company will be honored to give your house life once again.

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