Are you struggling to find that perfect home in today’s real estate marketplace? With low inventory and high prices, what homebuyers are encountering is a “seller’s market.” Reasonably priced, well-located single-family homes are being sold in just a matter of days, and often with backup offers.

A common scenario is finding a house you like at the right price but the location just does not work. Or, maybe you have focused your house hunting on a location that is particularly desirable or convenient, but the only houses in your price range are fixer-uppers or tear-downs.


Perhaps a rebuild or remodel is the option to consider. Know that there are alternate routes to get you to your dream home, and one of these is to focus on location. Eventually, a not-so-appealing house will turn up and possibly at an affordable price. Then the alternatives are to remodel or rebuild, the latter of which being the more cost-effective option, and you end up with a brand new custom home in a great location.

If your decision is to knock down and rebuild, or if you already own an empty lot ready to be built on, an Owner-Builder Construction loan from CU Network Services could be the key to your dream home. This unique and specialized type of loan was created to provide financing for borrowers planning their own home construction projects.

CU Network Services home loan specialists have extensive experience in financing home building projects and have provided numerous Owner-Builder Construction loans since the company began offering this specialty product in 2010. The popularity of this loan has continued to increase as more and more buyers choose this option to achieve the home of their dreams.


Another alternative, of course, is to remodel your current home. By analyzing your home’s current value against the costs involved in purchasing a new home, a remodel may turn out to be your most economical option. A renovation project can range from updating a home with new paint and fixtures to adding rooms or another floor to accommodate a growing family or create an environment for multigenerational living.

If you are looking to build or renovate a customized home tailored to fit your desired lifestyle, then finance your home building project and build the home of your dreams with an Owner-Builder Construction loan from CU Network Services. As a premier lender of Owner-Builder Construction and Land loans, CU Network Services home loan specialists will walk you through the process and help you evaluate your financing options.

With a home equity line of credit from CU Network Services, such projects also can be funded in as little as three weeks, enabling you to get your renovations started promptly. Apply online at, call 529-4599 or visit the office at 715 S. King St., Ste. 100.

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