Hawaii residents deal with the sun’s heat for most of the year, which can start as soon as April. That’s where T&T Tinting Specialists Inc. comes in. However, being able to keep cool in your home is not the only benefit you receive when you choose T&T Tinting.

From what used to be thought of as simply a heat blocker, window film is now known to have many benefits when installed to your home or office windows — energy savings, UV ray blockage, better views, great curb appeal, added privacy and more, like extending the life of your furniture and flooring, and even hurricane protection!

Besides having a staff with an incredible 250 plus years of combined tint knowledge, T&T Tinting has a company-wide focus on customer service. The company is partnered with the largest window film manufacturer in the world, Eastman Chemical. It simply has the best products, performance, service and warranty in the industry.


Call T&T Tinting and you can have Vista Window Film installed on your windows to block up to 79 percent of the sun’s heat entering through the glass. Vista also cuts virtually all the sun’s damaging UV rays — up to 99.9 percent — and reduces fading on your hardwood floors, carpets, draperies, furniture and artwork. You also will get a huge reduction in glare, making for HD quality views, and you’ll cut energy costs. Using a fan instead of an air conditioner will save you money as well.

T&T Tinting also has thicker bomb-blast resistant security films that have been installed on many Hawaii state, city, federal and government buildings; hospitals; and resorts. The desired result being in the case of a windstrom or blast, mitigating the effects of shattered glass, holding potentially dangerous and deadly flying shards of glass intact and in the frame of the building, rather than showering down in pieces on the streets below.

For curb appeal, heat rejection, energy savings, added privacy or safety, T&T Tinting is the place to call. You also will love the transferable lifetime warranty for the company’s residential Vista Film installs.

Stop by the company’s Koapaka Street location or call 275-4565. Visit tnttinting.com for photos, videos and details. Get your instant estimate online now and T&T Tinting will give you a 10 percent discount.

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