This weekend, RevoluSun Smart Home opened its new innovation center in SALT at Our Kakaako, above Moku Kitchen. The new showroom provides a hands-on experience of total home performance products that work together to make homes more comfortable, economical and sustainable.

SunPower panels are a focal point in the showroom. “There are so many reasons why Sun-Power panels are the most popular panels,” explained general manager David Gorman. “Their superior efficiency means you’ll not only get more power per square foot, but over time, you’ll see a significant difference in how much more power these panels will produce for you compared with standard panels.”

Higher efficiency also translates into fewer panels on your roof, which gives you more flexibility to expand your photovoltaic system in the future.


RevoluSun’s energy storage solutions, also prominently featured, provide seamless whole home backup at the lowest price per kilowatt-hour of any solar storage battery on the market.

“When it comes to backing up your entire home, you really can’t beat the Tesla Power-wall,” said Gorman. “Not only does it look good, it also comes with an easy-to-use app that let’s you monitor your power production and usage, in real time.”

RevoluSun is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer with more than 240 installations under its belt.

Visit RevoluSun’s new innovation center in SALT at Our Kakaako to see, touch and learn about the company’s total home performance solutions that will make your home more comfortable, economical and sustainable.

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