When renovating your home, sometimes the hardest part is finding a contractor you can trust. Look no further than Atlas Construction, voted “Hawaii’s Best” contractor fi ve years in a row by Honolulu Star-Advertiser‘s People’s Choice Awards. Atlas Construction will guide you through any fears you may have when it comes to renovating to ensure that creating your dream home is anything but a nightmare.

“We are there for customers through the process to educate them in every facet. We believe in being as transparent as possible about how we operate so that they can make an informed and educated decision,” said president Bruce Kim.


These are comforting words to many homeowners, seeing as there are a lot of facets to any home renovation. First, there is a site assessment, which marks the beginning of your project.

The staff at Atlas Construction conducts research on your property to identify building restrictions and possibilities. They seek the most updated information in order to properly plan what will be a successful project.

After gathering your wants and needs at the initial site assessment, the company then will advise you on how to build most cost effectively and how to optimize your property value, all while keeping your design criteria in mind. The team will generate an estimate from the information gathered and check the feasibility of the project in terms of the loan amount.


Then begins the design development process. The materials Atlas Construction uses go above and beyond building-code requirements. The professionals’ advising even goes so far as to make recommendations for types of material that are best suited to the environments your space will be prone to.

This careful consideration of the customer is just one of the ways in which Atlas Construction, a fourth-generation and strong family-based company, is able to provide the utmost service. With hundreds of completed projects and zero complaints under its belt, the business encourages customers to attend Hawaii’s No. 1 building seminars and open houses, which are arranged by Atlas Construction’s own project coordinators.

“The open houses are a great way for interested homeowners to have a first-hand experience in an Atlas-built home and see the various upgraded materials that they will receive in their new home.


“We strive to build the best homes and long-lasting relationships with all our homeowners and continue to do it better than any other company,” shared Kim.

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