QUESTION OF THE WEEK: The upcoming Chinese Zodiac year is the Year of the Dog. Will you give me your insight on what to expect? Are there some specific things to do to best prepare for this year?

Astrologically, this coming Thursday, Feb. 15 marks the beginning of the energies of the Year of the Dog, in particular the “earth” dog, pushing out the year of the rooster. Because earth is related to the color yellow, it is also referred to as the year of the “Yellow Earth Dog.”


This is a good year for building and improving upon anything you’ve begun that shows promise, and a good year to get rid of things (both tangible items as well as beliefs or thoughts) that are outdated and are holding you back. It’s a conservative year versus a year where taking chances is favored.

The upcoming year

After all the new beginnings, initiatives and undertakings of this past year, the dog year brings a need for stability and a desire to manifest. This is because the element that rules this year is “earth.” Earth brings with it the qualities of stability, safety, nurturing and grounding.

In 2018, therefore, you’ll be less apt to hold on to old ways and habits that don’t work. Where you’ve been wavering this year, you’ll be more “solid” and will make decisions you’re more likely to stick with.


Keep the following in mind to best use the energies of the dog year:

Think twice before being impulsive. This year rules practicality so think things through before making a decision that you would normally jump to make.

All aspects of life will do well with a realistic approach, whether it is your vocation, relationships, health or your social endeavors.

Slow and steady wins the race is a good motto to live by. Patience is a virtue that will be rewarded in the year of the dog.

Choosing to make a change in the direction your life is going is more possible this year than ever.

Focus on getting things done this year. Either finish up tasks you have started, or want to start, or cross them off your “to do” list until the need becomes a priority. Clear your slate.

All in all it’s a year to decide what you really want to do, lay down your tracks and start moving. Take your time and don’t get caught up with any drama or chaos around you.

Keep focused on the path ahead of your choosing and ignore everything else. You may not see quick results, but when they eventually manifest, you’ll be happy you stayed the course. Mindful, meticulous and patience are the key words to keep in mind this year.

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