Robert Dixon of NXT Nutech paints will be flying in from Australia to demonstrate the remarkable heat reflective properties of the company’s roof, wall and deck coatings. Be sure to attend the one-day seminar and sale, which will be held Saturday, March 10 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Cool Roof Store. The company’s popular silicone roof coatings for flat roofs also will be on sale and demonstrated.

To reserve a seat and a private consultation at the Cool Roof Store’s one-day sale and seminar, call 591-1900 — or just show up on the day of the event. The popular seminars can get crowded, so you can assure yourself of a private consultation with a roof expert by phoning ahead. The special sale prices will be good for one day only.


The idea of the e-zone coating is similar to old-fashioned “radiant barrier” aluminum foils, which were retroactively installed inside attics to the underside of roof decks. While effective in cooling an attic, these foils were incredibly difficult to attach inside a cramped, hot attic. E-zone is much easier and less expensive to install, saving you time and money by spraying a revolutionary silver coating on the underside of your roof or deck. It acts as a “radiant barrier” to keep 77 percent of the heat on your roof from entering your home or attic, making it so much cooler.

It’s made by NXT Nutech paints, which manufactures the famous NXT Cool Coat exterior roof paint that is sprayed on the exposed side of your roof tiles to reflect the sun’s UV rays and to beautify your metal, asphalt and concrete tiles. Together, the two coatings create an unbeatable heat shield “sandwich” that works on two different principles in physics to cool your home and make life in the summer more pleasant.

The classic NXT Cool Coat works on the top of your roof tile using the principle of solar reflectance, which deflects the exterior sun rays, while the NXT e-zone coating never sees the light of day. It acts underneath the roof tile or deck as an effective “radiant barrier” that increases the emissivity of your roof structure to reduce heat transference — similar to traditional fiberglass insulation.


NXT e-zone e-0.25 Radiant Heat Barrier Coating is sprayed on the underside of the roof deck. The properties behind it are similar to low-e glass windows, which reduce the absorption of heat into the building in the summer. The “e” refers to emissivity, which is the ability of a surface to emit or absorb radiant energy. The lower the “e” value, the more efficient it is in managing energy and the greater the energy saving for the dwelling.

It’s sprayed inside an attic by using long, extended paint poles to coat areas that are impossible to reach with conventional foil type membranes. It has a nice silver finish, which also serves to help seal and preserve the bare wood and increase the visibility inside your attic. It is most effective by spraying only a single coat. Because of this, the large coverage of a 1,200-2,400 square feet per 5 gallon bucket makes it a very cost-effective solution to the hot Hawaiian climate. The higher spread rate is achieved on metal surfaces, and the lower rate is on bare wood surfaces.

The classic exterior NXT Cool Coat roof paint comes in 36 beautiful rich colors to enhance a home’s curbside appeal. Recently, NXT has introduced its nine new lighter pastel colors, which all qualify as “Cool Roofs” because it has a Total Solar Reflectance value ranging between 70 and 91 percent. The innovative Thermal Protection Technology utilizes nano-technology and crosslinking polymer to produce a high gloss that resists mildew growth and environmental pollutants that can discolor your roof. Call the Cool Roof Store for a list of homes in your area that have been coated with NXT paints.


Even expensive, high-end exterior paints are not recommended to be painted on roofs, which get at least three times the UV sun exposure of most walls. They will quickly turn dull and start to peel off, leaving you with a big mess that needs to be water blasted off and recoated at great expense. Why take a chance when you can sleep peacefully at night in a cool home protected by NXT paints. NXT Nutech paints has 42 year of experience protecting more than a million roofs in the extreme Australian heat.

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